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About xCloud


A mobile application was essential for us to complete our Zaxe Ecosystem. Having remote control over your 3D printer from your smartphone makes the experience more convenient and convenience is one of the things that we focus the most on when we are developing new products.

When we developed xCloud, we wanted to make an application that would allow our users to stay connected to their people wherever they go without having to think about the condition of their printing projects.

What is xCloud?

xCloud is Zaxe’s own 3D printing mobile application. It provides the connection between Zaxe 3D Printers and our users to ensure a better 3D printing process. With its Cloud integration and your 3D printer's Wi-Fi module, you will have access to your 3D printer as long as you have a stable internet connection.


xCloud - Stay Connected
xCloud - Live Remote Monitoring
xCloud - Multiple Printer Control
xCloud - Instant Feedback
xCloud - Updates

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