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About xDesktop


Our goal is not just to make great 3D printers, sell them, and be done. We want to create a complete Zaxe 3D Printing Ecosystem to make the process better and easier. To complete this ecosystem, we needed to develop our own software to allow our users to take full control over their production line.

When we started developing xDesktop, we had an idea of what we wanted our slicer to be like. We wanted xDesktop to be the most user-friendly slicer on the market that would work perfectly with both our own Zaxe 3D Printers and 3rd party devices without watering down the options too much.

Zaxe xDesktop UI
Zaxe xDesktop Remote Connection
Zaxe xDesktop Remote Connection
Zaxe xDesktop Slicer
Zaxe xDesktop Update Popup

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