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Basic 3D Printing Safety


The saying "safety first" has the same weight in 3D printing as it does in any other work environment. 3D printers are not inherently dangerous devices, but we advise our users to be careful around them, because negligence may cause unnecessary accidents. Zaxe 3D Printers have strong moving mechanical parts and hot ends that go up to 300°C after all. To avoid any accidents, knowing which parts to be careful with is important and every 3D printer user must be mindful of the potential dangers of 3D printing.

Zaxe Print Head Moving Parts
Zaxe Z3 Hot Print Bed
Zaxe Z3 Hot Hotend
Zaxe Hepa Filters
3D Printing Safety - Gloves

The Precautions We Made

Now that you know what you should do for a safer 3D printing experience, we would like to talk about the features that we included in our Zaxe 3D Printers for your safety. When you are working with electronics, unfortunately, fire is always a possibility. To eliminate any chance of this happening in our products we design our electronic system to completely shut down in any sign of trouble.

If you forget your 3D printer open or there is a malfunction that causes the hot end to get too hot, your Zaxe 3D printer will shut itself down. We also paid great attention to the quality of wiring in our products. Subpar wiring can be a fire hazard in and of itself. Insufficient and low-quality wires can cause overheating or loose wiring can get in the way of causing problems like fire hazards and short-circuiting.

Our interface will communicate with the user in case there is something that requires your attention. For example, when the print bed is too hot or heating up, the interface will warn the user. In addition to that, different parts of your Zaxe 3D Printer that you should be careful around, like the hot end, will have yellow caution signs on it.

3D Printing Safety - Fire Extinguisher

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