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How to Fix Layer Shifting


Layer Shifting

How to fix:

  1. 1. Layer shifting can happen for many reasons and it is sometimes hard to pinpoint what caused it. So, the best way to troubleshoot layer shifting is usually to do some maintenance on your 3D printer. Calibrate it properly, clean the nozzle, make sure everything is okay with the slicer and move on from there.

  2. 2. Check if there is something wrong with the mechanical parts that might be restricting their movement.

  3. 3. Like many other 3D printing problems, decreasing the printing speed can also solve this issue. If you are printing at a speed higher than what the stepper motors can handle, shifting might occur.

  4. 4. Make sure that there is nothing wrong with your extruder or printbed and that they can move freely without getting stuck.

  5. 5. Adjusting belt tension might resolve this issue.

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