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Keeping Your Zaxe X3 Clean


Maintenance of your 3D printer will play a massive role in the longevity and performance of your device. A 3D printer that is not maintained properly will be much more likely to cause problems and if the needed care is not shown, you will see that your device will cause more and more problems with time.

Zaxe 3D printers are built to last without causing the users any problems but some problems that are inherent to FFF 3D printers are also a reality for our devices. Certain parts will require occasional cleaning and dusting to function properly.

Zaxe X3 Cleaning Hotend
Zaxe X3 Cleaning Nozzle
Zaxe X3 Cleaning Printing Table
Zaxe X3 Cleaning Printing Table
Zaxe X3 Cleaning Extruder Gears
Zaxe X3 Cleaning Chamber

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