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Know Your Zaxe X3 3D Printer


Zaxe X3 3D Printer is the latest model of our X production line we have developed to be a user-friendly solution to all your industrial 3D printing needs. It was designed as a smaller, more compact alternative to our Z production line without compromising on power and capability.

Here are the features that define Zaxe X3.

Zaxe X3 Calibration
Zaxe X3 Print Volume
Zaxe X3 Passive Heated Chamber
Zaxe X3 Core XY
Zaxe X3 E3D V6 Titanium Hotend
Zaxe X3 25 Micron Layer Height
Zaxe X3 Filaments

Spool Holder

The spool holder which is compatible with different sizes of spool enhances user freedom and supports production flexibility.

Cooling and Air Conditioning

We designed a highly optimized cooling system to cool down xBoard to eliminate the chance of overheating during intense production

110° Swing Door

We designed a hinge system with a 110° opening angle which allows users to get inside the machine comfortably for maintenance.

HEPA Filter

Responsible, environmentally friendly, and reliable. X3 comes with a HEPA Filter that is designed to prevent the releases of odor and harmful particles that occur while printing.

Secure & Stable

Equipped with many safety features, your X3 will provide you with a stable and safe printing experience.

NFC Sensor

The NFC sensor will detect the color and the type of filament automatically and tell you exactly how much material you have left.

Filament Sensor

The built-in filament sensor will inform you whether a filament is installed or not.

Touch Screen

Experience the convenience of adjusting all your settings with a couple of simple touches with X3’s 5” capacitive touchscreen.

Power Loss Recovery

There is no need to fear a power outage with Zaxe 3D printers. The system power loss recovery system will stop your 3D printer and the process will restart automatically when the power is restored.

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