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Doing Basic Maintenance on Your Zaxe Z3 3D Printer


For your 3D printer to function at its full potential, basic maintenance will be necessary. While there are businesses out there that do maintenance as a service, acquiring the help of a professional won't always be the most cost and time-effective way. So, knowing how to do basic maintenance is a must-learn for all 3D printer users.

Zaxe 3D printers were designed to be industrial machines that will print at high quality for a long time. However, like any mechanical device, you will still do some basic maintenance to maximize performance.

Firstly, let's get the basics out of the way. You should always;

  • Clean the nozzle every few days,
  • Rub the print bed with a damp cloth to make sure there is no residue on it,
  • Keep your firmware and all necessary software updated,
  • Dust the mechanical parts to prevent dust buildup,
  • Make sure that all your calibrations are correct.

You can find more detailed information about cleaning, calibrating, and keeping your 3D printer up to date on our Knowledge Base. In this article, we are going to talk more about the maintenance of your mechanical components rather than keeping them clean or calibrated.

Lubricating the Motor Guides

To ensure smooth movement, lubricating your Zaxe Z3’s motor guides will be important. Restricted movement of the motors can eventually cause them to overheat and even malfunction.

You can find a lubricant in the starter kit we send you with your 3D printer but any standard mechanical oil will be sufficient to lubricate your guides. You can put the lubricant on a cloth or even a paper tissue and apply it to the threaded rods. You can move the print bed up and down to distribute the lubricant evenly. Wipe any access lubricant as it can leave some grimy access on the print bed and gather dust.

Keep in mind that WD-40 is not a good way to lubricate your motor guides. It can even work counter-productively by stripping your guides of the lubrication they already have, so choose your lubricant correctly.

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