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Bad Overhang

How to fix:

  1. 1. You can play it safe and adhere to the 45-degree rule, which is a general 3D printing rule of thumb that dictates the angle of a supportless overhand shouldn’t exceed 45 degrees.

  2. 2. This might also be a cooling issue. Maybe your fans are not keeping the printing area cool enough for the filament or your material is getting too droopy because of the high temperatures. Make sure that your fans are working properly and try increasing the fan speed on your 3D printer.

  3. 3. As in a lot of cases, decreasing the printing speed also seems to solve this problem for a lot of users as a slower printing speed will allow the printed material to cool better.

  4. 4. Lowering the extruder temperature can also help with overhangs.

  5. 5. If nothing else works, try the same print with adaptive layer heights.

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