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Ekstrüzyon Durdu Sorunu Nasıl Çözülür

Sorun Giderme

Extrusion Stopped Mid Print

How to fix:

  1. 1. Always check your spool before printing to make sure there is enough filament to finish the print. It might sound redundant but for people who use multiple 3D printers daily, it is best to make a habit of checking the spool before printing.

  2. 2. Cleaning your nozzle regularly might prevent this issue because your nozzle might get clogged if you don’t.

  3. 3. This problem can sometimes occur when the filament gets tangled up within itself on its spool. To avoid this issue, make sure that the filament on the spool is not loose.

  4. 4. Check if your feeder gear is working properly or not. Wear and tear can damage gear to a point where it can’t get a grip on the filament. If they are damaged, try changing them.

  5. 5. Inspect the extruder motor and see if it's functioning properly.

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