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xDesktop Kullanarak İlk Baskınızı Alma Kılavuzu


3D printing might seem hard at first with all the complicated terms flying around while you are doing your first research on the subject but with xDesktop, getting your first print is much easier than you think. xDesktop was developed by Zaxe 3D Printing to make the process as simple as possible for beginners and provide an adequate amount of options for more advanced printers.

While the software itself is easy to figure out on your own, we would still like to guide you through your first print to make sure you get optimal results from the get-go.

Download Zaxe xDesktop
Zaxe xDesktop Model Importing
Zaxe xDesktop Model Orientation
Zaxe xDesktop Selecting Printer
Zaxe xDesktop Choosing Filament
Zaxe xDesktop Choosing Layer Height
Zaxe xDesktop Adjusting Fill Density
Zaxe xDesktop Slicing

And it is that easy! xDesktop was developed to streamline the 3D printing process, so everybody could use it to experience the convenience of additive manufacturing. You can adjust the advanced setting when you are more experienced but until then, the basics will get you far.

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