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Yeni xDesktop 2.3.14 Versiyonu Yayında!


Zaxe xDesktop 2.3.14

We have been looking to make some improvements on our slicer for a while and we were finally able to do so. We developed xDesktop as a user-friendly alternative to other slicers from the start and we still believe that’s what the software should be. But we made the choice to grant more freedom to some of the advanced users and decided to improve on the software in a couple of ways.

General Improvements

We have optimized xDesktop’s ability to adjust the temperatures of the hotend, extrusion speed, filament flow, and surface finish when using different filaments. Now you can get more professional results easily even with more advanced materials.

Better Raft Airgap Options

If you print a model on a raft, removing it can be hard and ruin the aesthetics of the bottom surface. We have improved the default raft airgap options so a better raft can be sliced for your prints. Also, there is now a new raft airgap settings section for third-party filaments.

Thinner Walls

Printing thin walls can be a hassle if the slicer is not optimized for it. That’s why we adjusted the wall thickness settings on our xDesktop slicer to give the ability to print walls that are as thin as your nozzle diameter, or even smaller for that matter.

Monotonic Top/Bottom Order

The monotonic order option that we just added to xDesktop allows you to print top/bottom lines in a way that causes them to always overlap with adjacent lines in the same direction. This creates a smoother finish on your print’s flat surfaces.

Wire Printing

You can also now experiment with the new wire printing option on xDesktop. Write printing is a method where you only print the outer shell of the model using wire structures. You end up with a light, transparent model with a fishnet-like surface.

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